We make music. Mainly Electronic Music. H3 is an Electronic Music Project.



    Real Name Bernhard E. Slawik
    Birthday 1981 May 15, Erding (~Munich), Germany
    Job programmer/webdesigner; saxophone
    Main Sector Progressive stuff; themes and sound tracks, SFX; hardware/software; mastering; publishing

    Andy Levar

    Real Name Andreas Halecker
    Birthday 1980 Jan 05, Sondershausen (~Erfurt), Germany
    Main Sector Minimal, progressive beats and experiments; inspiration and surprises


    The story began 1995 in a town called Poing, about 20km in the east of Munich. At that time HtK and Andy Levar composed Rave/Trance tracks and even did some "gigs" using PC FastTracker1. 1998 Pat joined the "HMP" (former name), boosting the musical knowledge as well as ideas to an all new measure.
    Since 2000 the formation is called "H3 Music Project", consisting of 2 musically active H's with Horny (the 3rd H) doing the PR/quality ensurance from distant Cologne.


  • Minimal
  • Tech House / Deep House
  • Progressive

  • Sound Design / Sound Effects / Acoustical Experiments

  • Ambient / Elektro
  • Instrumental / Themes / Sound Tracks ("OSTs") / Background Music ("BGMs")
  • 2-Step / Drum 'n' Bass / ElectroStep
  • Trance / TechTrance / HardTrance


    One could call us "new school" electronic musicians, since we do least things using analog equipment.
    Most tracks are being produced, mastered, recorded and published without leaving the computer on a non-digital way.

    We currently use following PHYSICAL equipment:
    (most sound equipment we use is "virtual equipment" for Buzz Modular Composer)

  • Several Notebooks (mainly ALDI) running Buzz / BUZZle
  • MIDI Controllers/Keyboards (Evolution UC-16, Evolution MK-225C)
  • MIDI/Audio Capture Box (EDIROL UA-20)
  • Mastering (Behringer Ultramizer Pro 1424P)

  • Studio Mixer (Behringer MX1604A)
  • Battle Mixer (MONACOR MPX-9100DS)
  • Microphone (SHURE 8900)
  • MD Recorder (SHARP 701)
  • Portable Rack and Gig Desk ("camping style") for outdoor performances

  • Keyboard (YAMAHA DSR-500 - 80s retro)
  • Keyboard (YAMAHA PSS-100 - 80s as well)
  • Alt-Saxophone (Selmer SuperAction II)
  • Flute/Recorder (Mollenhauer)
  • Classical- and E-Guitars (Fender)*
  • Digital Guitar (CASIO DG-1)*
  • Digital Drum Set (CASIO)*
  • Jews-Harps and other Percussions*
*) Thanx to L-Roy (aka. DamianTitanium^DiamondDipFoundation)

Copyright 2003-05 Bernhard Slawik. All rights reserved.